Core banking in a cloud world

Download the whitepaper and learn why incumbent banks are choosing the evolutionary approach, and are building new solutions to replace the old ones. In this whitepaper you will discover: How banks need to approach their core banking services. How incumbent banks can evolve by embracing a digital-first approach. Why composable banking is the only future-ready

Mapping the cloud maturity curve. The fundamental five

What businesses must have in place to extract maximum value from the cloud identifies and explores the core foundational elements of a mature cloud strategy. It is the central piece in the first phase of a research programme, Mapping the cloud maturity curve, sponsored by IBM. The second phase will examine the degree to which

Mapping the cloud maturity curve. Adapting to the new era

“Think cloud, talk business.” This is how one global CIO describes his new approach to IT: using cloud computing as a platform to engage with the business on its own terms. He is not alone. A new and unique quantitative analysis of cloud computing and its business impact so far shows that it is helping