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Who We Are: Avaya helps companies build intelligent experiences that matter for their customers and employees. As a global leader in contact center, unified communications and cloud, we understand the foundational role of communications for digital transformation.

Breaking Barriers in Mobile Customer Onboarding

In this era of digital business transformation, enterprises must meet their customers’ expectations of simple and intuitive ways to register or sign-up for a service in order to strengthen customer loyalty within the first touchpoints. Learn how to reduce customer churn and provide a delightful onboarding experience.


Platform Equinix allows you to directly connect your digital business physically and virtually around the world. Access an advanced portfolio of digital services and ecosystems to securely scale your digital infraestructure wherever opportunity leads. On Platform Equinix, you’ll reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything.

The global interconnection index

The right interconnection strategy has the power to make even the boldest business ambitions a reality. But without it, organisations will lack the scale, agility, capacity, security and quality of service they need to successfully conduct digital business in Europe and around the globe.

SATISFAÇA o crescente apetite da atualidade pela transparência no setor alimentar

A transparência no processamento e acondicionamento dos alimentos está a tornar-se uma questão fundamental de saúde e qualidade para consumidores e autoridades reguladoras. Ainda assim, muitas empresas alimentares não têm uma perceção clara sobre o que significa transparência, porque têm de estudá-la, inteirar-se sobre as implicações e identificar como melhorá-la.